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The Blue Breeze Dart Board is a highly durable, self healing, double sided sisal dart board. It is 18 inches in diameter which is ideal for a professional tournament or to play at home with your friends and family.

Playing Darts is a fantastic way to pass the time with your friends or to blow off some steam after a hard days’ work. Players say that playing darts even once a day helps them calm down and feel more relaxed throughout the week.

The Blue Breeze Dart Board can be easily hanged at your home, your office or your local club or bar.

It is a great social or individual game that will provide you with many hours of quality relaxing time.


– Dart board: 5.25 pounds.
– Package: 5.36 pounds.

– Dart board: 18 inches in diameter and 0.78 inches thick.
– Package: 18 X 18 X 1.1 inches.

Package content:

– A Blue Breeze dart board
– 8 darts


HIGHLY DURABLE BOARD: Made of self-healing sisal fibers, which provide extended durability. Once a dart is removed from the board, the hole in the board closes by itself.
DURABLE WIRING: The wiring is made of strong high-tensile galvanized steel.
LESS BOUNCE-OUTS: Reduced darts bounce-outs due to the thick sisal fibers that grip darts once they land on the board, and to 50% thinner wire in the dynamic sector.
TWO-SIDED: One side with standard game pattern and wiring, and another with concentric black and white circles, for beginners. Hard bull’s-eye for increased landing challenge.
FREE GIFT: 2 spare darts in addition to the included 6 darts. 8 darts in total.

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