CW-X Women’s Insululator Stabilyx Tights – DiZiSports Store

The stabilyx tight provides optimum targeted joint support to the hip, pelvis and knee joints for greater overall stability and endurance. Quads, calf’s and hamstring muscles are supported by our support web design. Lower back and abdominals also receive support. Coolmax fabric wicks moisture away to keep you cool. For safety, the logo is made of reflective material.Our patented exo-web provides excellent targeted joint support to the hip, pelvis and Knees
The exo-web provides targeted support to lower abdominal muscles, back and hamstrings for extra stability and power
WarmStretch temperature regulating fabric helps to keep your body cooler at the peak of your activity. During pre and post activity our WarmStretch will help you stay warmer
The exo-web works to band together the muscles and ligaments of the knee joint. This helps to stabilize and support the joint
Reflective “flash” for safe night time running

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