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The HoopsKing Footwork Training Steps will help you teach better footwork for basketball, dancing, tennis, or any activity that requires you to move your feet. Just put the Steps down where they need to be and have your players start mimicking the footwork pattern to build muscle memory. In basketball, you can even work on the footwork without the ball and then add the ball once they have the footwork down. Great for offensive moves, defense, agility drills and more. Each foot is 12 inches by 5 inches. Rubber bottom grips to most surfaces such as concrete or a gym floor. To clean just wipe off with a damp cloth.4 FOOTWORK STEPS INCLUDED: 2 Right, 2 Left, #s 1,2,3, & 4
LEARN FOOTWORK QUICKER – Players can see exactly where to step and the angle at which they should step.
POST PLAYER FOOTWORK DRILLS – Make sure posts step towards the basket on a drop step instead of to the baseline.
GUARD FOOTWORK DRILLS – Teach players to beat defenders off the dribble.
TEACH FOOTWORK FOR ANYTHING – Use Hoop Steps for Volleyball, Tennis, Dancing or whatever you want!

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