Klitch The Footwear Clip Hangs Sports Shoes On Any Bag – DiZiSports Store

The Klitch is a footwear clip that allows you to hang extra sneakers or cleats to the outside of your bag. This avoids getting the inside of your bag dirty, smelly, and full. Great for anyone who plays sports, works out, or has an active lifestyle. The Klitch can be used for any type of footwear up to 10 lbs!The Klitch footwear clip allows you to hang sports footwear to the outside of your bag.
Lock footwear together and clip it to the outside of your bag.
Save room in your bag and keep it clean from dirty footwear.
Can Hold up to 10lbs. 1 Size fits All.
1 year warranty and we will replace free of charge if anything happens to it.

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