NAXEN 28kN Rappel Ring Hammock Ring Connection Ring Slackline Rock Climbing Tree Climbing Rescue – DiZiSports Store

Material: Aluminum Alloy (Hot Forged)
Color: Black / Green / Gold
Diameter: As the pictures show
Breaking Strength: 28kN / 6200lbs
– 38 g / 1.34 oz (Small)
– 57 g / 2 oz (Large)

Package Included:
-Rappel Ring * 2 / *4
-Storage Pouch * 1 (Only Pack of 4)Solid Construction. Built from one piece hot forged aluminum alloy with no seam, NAXEN rappel ring is rated at 28kN / 6200lbs.
All Round Design. Round shape allows optimal functioning in all directions. Any danger from improper loading direction would be avoided.
Well Made and Finish. Smooth surface ensures your rope pulls free from the anchor, finely work with slings.
Reliable Anchor. It’s wildly used in hammock setting, rock climbing, slackline, arborist and any situation you need an anchor or a connection point.
Easy to Stow. A decent storage pouch is included to help you stow them after use (For Pack of 4).