Omnie Dumbbells – Neoprene Non Slip Grip – Deluxe Body Building/Sculpting Workout – Ideal for General Exercise, Comfortable Contoured Grips for Easy Use, for Both Men & Women (Set of 2) – DiZiSports Store

Incorporate a pair of Omnie Dumbbells into any strength training routine to improve appearance and build up your strength. Packed with hundreds of workout options, this one simple pair of dumbbells can help strengthen and tone vital muscles throughout your upper body and core, and supercharge all of your athletic activities.

Omnie dumbbells are durably constructed utilizing cast iron with a neoprene coating to allow for a slip-free, comfortable grip. The neoprene coating is durable with a light cushion to provide long-term durability, while also protecting you and your floors from any damage. Resistant to sweat, rust and cracking, this materiel is easy to grip without needing to wear a pair of gloves.

To meet all your requirement, the dumbbells are furnished in brash and bold, color-coded options, making it easy to find and less likely to misplace. Choose among the 1-lb. pink, 2-lb. purple, 3-lb. green, 5-lb blue and 8-lb red dumbbells to best accommodate your workout routine.

Versatile in use, these dumbbells are an essential addition to any fitness regimen. Use them for arm rows, chest presses, bicep curls, power walking, jogging, yoga and more. Lighter weights will add extra resistance to aerobic exercises so you can burn more calories, or can be used for physical therapy to help speed up your recovery.

Designed with an oblong shape to resist rolling and furnished with large numbers to easily locate when needed, the Omnie Dumbbells are great for daily routine workouts both indoors and out. And with a compact size for easy transporting and storage, you can take them with you everywhere you go.

1 YEAR WARR – 60 DAY RETURN: 1 YEAR warr or if you think it’s not for you, contact us and receive your money back within 60 days of purchaseIMPROVE YOUR APPEARANCE. A perfect addition to any strength training routine, including aerobic exercises and yoga, these dumbbells can be used for improving strength, muscle-to-fat ratio and bone density.
BUILD UP STRENGTH. Improve your muscle tone with a pair of Omnie Dumbbells. These weights are ideal for power walks, group exercises, bodybuilding, strengthening muscles, alleviating stress, physical therapy and other general exercises.
OPTIMAL DESIGN. The oblong shape is designed to resist rolling, while the neoprene coating will protect you, your floors and your furniture. Although they’re durable and sturdy, the soft outer coating and optimal design prevent damage to you and your belongings.
COMPACT SIZE. Small in size for added convenience, these weights are portable and easier to store away when not being used without taking up a lot of space. As such, they’re great for indoor and outdoor use, as well as when traveling. To accommodate your needs, these dumbbells are available in 1-lb. pink, 2-lb. purple, 3-lb. green, 5-lb blue and 8-lb red options. The stylish, bright, color-coded increments and large numbers make it easy to grab the perfect weight for your routine.

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