Python Atlas Deluxe Racquetball String REEL (Natural or Black Color/ 16g, 17g, 18g) (360 ft.) – DiZiSports Store

Python Racquetball, a leader in the Racquetball accessories market is now producing a Racquetball String. The Python Atlas Deluxe Racquetball String is developed by Racquetball players, for Racquetball players. Called “Deluxe” because it this string boasts extra elasticity and provides more shock absorption than other traditional solid core Racquetball Strings, which translates into a softer feel while still adding more power. This string will start to fray almost immediately, like any top of the line multifilament string. But you still have a lot of life when the string is fraying… (Most players will see their strings fray almost all of the way through).-Fiber Twisted and Bonded by PU Resin
-High Resienc with Soft Feel
-360 ft. (110 meter)
Available in Natural or Black 16, 17, & 18 Gauge

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