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Nose Guard ensures full protection for the nose with absolutely no obstruction to vision. It is resistant and light, comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
Product provides efficient protection for noses that need to heal; eliminates possible aggravation of the injury allowing athletes to play sports even before the healing process is complete. The elastic straps are fully adjustable ensuring comfortable fit (straps length – 52cm).
Suitable for basketball, rugby and football. Made of polycarbonate.
Important note: If you are not sure the product is of the right size for you, do not hesitate to contact us for guidance. This size is not suitable for children. Nose guard is unable to provide the best protection if it doesn’t fit properly so please make sure to measure your cheekbone width before purchasing the product.
Do not attempt to change the mask manually by heating or deforming, as it was designed based on a complex data collected. Any deforming might result in injuries. The only way to adjust the mask is by adjusting the straps. We care about our customer’s safety, therefore do not recommend any experiments with the product.Provides effective protection for the nose. Made of high-impact material.
Does not obstruct vision. Easily adjustable, however not a universal size. Please follow the measurements information before purchasing the product.
Prevents from injuries and re-injuries. Minimizes any additional discomfort from impact.
L5 – High Nose Bridge is a variation of our L5 model. It is designed for adults with a higher nasal bridge inclination than the average. Cheekbone width range: 12cm. – 14.5cm. Do not purchase it for children and teenagers. There is no padding included in the package. If you have sensitive skin, you can purchase our Silicone Gel Protective Pads for Pressure Points.
Suitable for basketball and football.

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