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Our new and improved Air-Zone Smartie boxing focus pads are light, but extremely sturdy, perfect for mixed martial arts use. With hook and jab mitts like these you are surely developing every punch or strike. Made using highly durable authentic cowhide leather on the inner and outer casing and is made to withstand the most impactful of punishment. Shock absorbing layers of foam, complimented with shock-dissipating incorporated gel-lining deals with the force of heavy shots with complete impunity. An added block padded for the wrists ensures encompassed security for the hands, meaning trainers need not worry about injury while their fighters blast those pads away. Reinforced strength stitching along with mesh fabric on knuckle side ventilates moisture build-up to keep the hands feeling fresh and odour free.These Boxing Pads are made using 100% authentic cowhide leather on the inner and outer casing
Layers shock-dissipating foams serves as complete security against high-impact shots
Lightweight build with reinforced stitching and moisture wicking mesh on knuckle-side
Padded wrist accentuates shock-absorption to provide comfort during heavy padding sessions
Quick-EZ hook and loop closure enables comfort adjustability and easy on/off application

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