Scale Sports Kids Adjustable Inline Roller Blade Skates Small Medium Large Sizes Safe Durable Outdoor Featuring Illuminating Front Wheels 905 – DiZiSports Store

Size: Small, Medium, Large
Hard boot protects foot from injuries
Soft porous liner gently fixates foot
Well-designed airing
Stylish look and durability
Bearings: ABEC-7
Frame: aluminium
Wheels material: Polyurethane
Wheels hardness: 80А
Light-up front wheel
Fixation system: Standard laces, Power heel strap, High-strength plastic cuff, AUTOLOCK buckleFRAME: Aluminum Frame – Durable Strong Metal Can Stand Your Kids First Attempts To Learn Skating BODY: Molded Case Made Of Durable Plastic Protects Leg And Provides With Long Usage Of Inline Skates
ADJUSTABLE SIZES: (13.5J-9 Adult US) Great Ranged Sizes For Fast Growing Modern Kids And Long Usage BEARINGS: Classic 608ZZ Sized And ABEC-7 Quality Bearings Make Skating Process Pleasant And Fun
FIXATION SYSTEM: Standard Laces, Power Heel Strap, High-Strength Plastic Cuff, Autolock Buckle Fixation RECIPIENT: Perfect For Kids Or Teenagers Who Are Ready To Start Learning To Use Classic Inline Skates
STYLE: Stylish Look And Durability Plus Well Designed Breathable Airing For Great Skating Experience WHEELS: Hardness – 80A Made From High Quality Polyurethane Material Perfect For Outdoor Use
SAFETY: Hard Boot Protects Foot From Injuries. Soft Porous Liner Gently Covers And Fixates Foot RECOMENDATIONS: We Strongly Recommend To Wear Helmets And Knee Pads When Riding For Safer Riding RESTRICTED USE: Not Suitable For Hockey Or Aggressive Inline Skating

– Scale Sports –