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trademark: Ufatansy, Trademark number: 5274663.
Super cool & easy to learn to roll,the best gift for kids.

The LED lights around the sole of these fashion sneakers make you more attractive.
To ensure your best fit, please have a careful check of size info before order.
Should any doubts, please contact us directly.we will do our best to help you.


Q:Are they rechargeable?
A:Enn, some funny kinds of shoes can’t be rechargeable. But the new kind of shoes can charged by USB.

Q:How to turn on the lights if the shoes can control the light?
A:There is a small button in the shoes and it can adjustable light and control to turn on or off.

Q:On the double wheeled version, do both wheels come out from the same button in the back? Or does each wheel have its own button?
A:Hello, about the front wheel, you can easy to use the tool to remove it or put it in at any time, and the rear wheel can be hidden or released by the button in the back.

There is the steps You can put it to hide or release the wheel:

“HIDE”: Behind the heel has a Button,1、Press down the button to the end and do not leave. 2、The other hand pressed the wheel in sole. make the wheel is completely trapped. 3、Release the button. 4、Close the sole slide to block the wheel. Then it becomes a pair of ordinary sneakers.

“OPEN”: The wheel is in the bottom of the shoe it’s hidden inside a little door in the bottom of the shoe. It’s a button at the bottom as well once you open the little door for the wheel you press the bottom and the wheel pop down. Hope this can help you.


If you have any other question of our shoes you can contact us by email and we will help you to solve it well as soon as possible. Contacting us may be can solve many problem or misunderstanding. Welcome you, dear!Suggest: To ensure that your foot comfort, Please measuring foot length and refer to size chart diagram correctly choose the size, thanks! Attention: the size only for US Little kid and US Big kid.
Shoe Upper Use PU and breathable mesh, makes wearing too long hollow design brings feeling of fresh in summer, the best gift for kids. The gift wrap and gift message is available.
Extremely cool LED roller shoes, skate-style lace-up sneaker, low-profile pop-out wheels. Attention, the battery could not be changed.
Fashion and Safety. Have more function: These Light-up LED shoes are perfect for the club, a rave party, or just a night out on the town.
Gentle hint: our prices have been the best price, and “Uforme” is the only one to ensure the quality of the products, I hope you could confirm if the product is shipped by “Uforme”. If not us, pls do not order it, or any after-sales problems, Uforme will not take any responsibility of it.

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