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VERUS Gel Tech Boxing Gloves are resilient, durable and long lasting. Whether you’re training Boxing, Muay-Thai, kickboxing or punching a heavy bag, you can be certain that this pair can weather any storm. Cool mesh on palm side and specially perforated inner thumb ensures ventilation and hand-breathability, wicking moisture away from the skin. The Quick-EZ Velcro closure provides wrist support and enables better punching technique and form. They are made from high quality rex-leather material with multi layers of high density foam padding in machine mold. Contrast Heavy and secure stitching. Extended Padding on the Wrist provides all round wrist protection and reduces the risk of injury to the wrist.


YOUR BODY WEIGHT—- 100 LBS or less———8-10oz———-45 kg or less

YOUR BODY WEIGHT—–101-120 LBS———-10-12oz ———46-54 kg 

YOUR BODY WEIGHT—–121-150 LBS———-12-14oz ———55-68 kg   

YOUR BODY WEIGHT—- 151-180 LBS———-14-16oz ———-69-82 kg     

YOUR BODY WEIGHT———–181 LBS————16oz ——–83 kg and up  
AIR MESH 3000 TECHNOLOGY- MOST MMA GLOVES aren’t ergonomically designed to fit your hand and knuckles perfectly, causing injury and excess sweating, making your gloves smell awful. Our 3000 flexibly woven microfibers in the palm allow steady airflow through each strike, while also conforming to your natural fist formation. Enjoy MORE comfort in any training scenario
TANK TOUGH YET ULTRA-SOFT: IF YOU’VE done your research, you already know that most boxing gloves are too rough, making them uncomfortable when striking, or too fragile, and they fall apart in just a few months. At Verus, we ENGINEERED our boxing gloves for men and women from the STURDIEST MATERIALS, so you get years of use from them, even if you use them every day!
THE BEST Boxing Gloves for TRAINING, SPARRING, HEAVY BAGS and MORE: MULTIPLE TRAINING types and skill levels require gloves that can do it all. Whether you’re doing planks and pushups, sparring with a partner, or doing heavy bag work, our versatile Verus Boxing gloves can enhance any workout and LAST. Even if you train 3-5 times per week
DON’T SPEND HUNDREDS ON NEW GLOVES: PEOPLE SAY that gloves can seriously affect the experience of the training or workout in the long term. With Verus Boxing Gloves, ANY SKILL LEVEL and ANY workout can be conquered. Even people plagued with skinny wrists or oddly shaped hands can instantly feel relief. Just put them on and go hard!
TRIED EVERYTHING? THIS ACTUALLY WORKS! If all other boxing gloves for men and women have failed to last, be comfortable, and make you feel confident why wearing them, then you’ll feel relieved to know that ours isn’t just some gimmick – it’s tried, tested, and proven to be durable, comfortable, and award you compliments from your friends at the gym.

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